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RJ began in 1997 with 26 excited K-4 students under the capable leadership of Mr Cockrem, the governance of The Anglican Schools Corporation and with the support of Oakhurst Anglican Church.

Our School steadily grew and became a Kindergarten to Year 12 School in 2007. Currently over 920 students are enrolled in our Oakhurst Campus.

The success of RJ has led to the establishment of a new Campus in the rapidly growing Marsden Park region of Western Sydney. Our Marsden Park Campus commenced in 2016 with a Pre-Kindergarten class and extended to Kindergarten in 2017. This Campus will expand to cater for all Primary Years and then Secondary students in time.

Our School is named after Rev. Richard Johnson who was the first Anglican minister to the new Australians, arriving with the First Fleet in 1788. Rev. Johnson was committed to sharing the Christian message and making a positive difference in the local community. In the same way, RJ desires to be a Christian witness to Western Sydney and provide valuable educational opportunities to the aspiring families in this region.

RJ's Mission Statement is to provide a dynamic, caring Christian educational community, founded on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to foster learning excellence.

RJ's Logo incorporates both a tree (representing the goal of assisting each student to grow and mature), and a Bible (representing the foundation of the School on the Lordship of Jesus Christ).

Our School is owned by The Anglican Schools Corporation which delegates some matters (including the strategic direction of RJ) to the Richard Johnson Anglican School Council that is made up of experienced and well qualified volunteers. The responsibility for daily operational matters including staffing, enrolments and educational programs rests with the Principal.

Every five years The Anglican Schools Corporation performs a comprehensive review of all its schools to ensure that they continue to provide high quality education that is shaped by the Bible. In 2015, the Review Chair, Dr Stuart Quarmby, made the following observation about RJ:

This School, functioning very successfully in Oakhurst, within the surrounding demographics and extensive multiculturism, is extraordinary. It works because of the people. . . . .RJ is to be congratulated for establishing a grace‐filled culture of care for students, clearly connected to the Christian ethos of staff.