Travel & Parking Information

We know getting to and from school can be a big deal, so we've provided the information below to make it as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Getting to our campuses

There are plenty of Bus Routes
and parking alternatives


Our Oakhurst Campus is well serviced by Busways. P 9625 8900, www.busways.com.au/region/blacktown. A student Opal Card will be required.

New students can apply for a School Opal Card using the online Application: School Opal Card The School Office verifies the submission. Enquiries can be directed to the School Opal Card help line on 131 500.

A Private Bus Service is not available for Oakhurst students.

2023 Marsden Park Campus Private Bus Services

As Busways does not currently provide adequate bus services, the School provides limited private services for Marsden Park students travelling from the Oakhurst Campus and the following areas: The Grange, The Elara Estate, Colebee, Schofields, Riverstone and The Ponds. The Service Charge is $1.75 (including GST) per trip in 2023 and will be reviewed annually. The fee will be invoiced each Term in advance with the usual School invoice. Please note that Pre-K students cannot access the RJ bus service unless they have an older sibling using the bus service.

It is expected that as the Campus grows, Busways and Transport NSW will provide appropriate services in time, such that the private services will be withdrawn in part or in full accordingly.

Parent Parking

The Marsden Park Campus currently has some parking spaces available for parents onsite.

Unfortunately, the Oakhurst Campus does not have any parking spaces for parents onsite. Instead, parents are encouraged to legally park on the surrounding streets or at the nearby Plumpton Market Place or use the "kiss and drop" zones along Dryden Road, the Oakhurst Anglican Church, and the School Turnaround. Parents may only park in the shared Church carpark for a very limited time. However do not park in the area along the Child Care Centre/Op Shop unless you have a child also attending the Centre on the same day.

Afternoon Collections: All students should be collected before 3:40pm. Secondary parents may collect their children from any of the collection areas. However Primary students are not to be collected from the Church Carpark's "kiss and drop" zone as this is Secondary-only in the afternoons (although Primary Parents may park in the Church carpark and walk to collect their children from the Hard Court). Primary parents are strongly encouraged not to arrive at the "kiss and drop" areas until after 3:25pm to allow time for their child /ren to arrive at the zone for a quick collection.

Gates: The Oakhurst Campus pedestrian gates are open from 7:45am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 4:00pm. The School Turnaround gate is open from 7:45am to 9:00am and 3:20pm to 5:00pm. Do not park in front of the gate waiting for it to open as it creates a safety risk for our students who are walking along the footpath. Please avoid arriving before 3:20pm to prevent queuing along Hyatts Road.

Dryden Avenue "kiss and drop": There is a short "No Parking" area along part of Dryden Avenue which is used as a "kiss and drop" zone. Parents may use this section to safely drop off and collect their child/ren within a 2 minute time-frame (normally from Year 2, unless accompanied by an older sibling). Parents are not to leave their car and escort their child to the gate in the mornings. In the afternoons, please display 'family signage' on the left windscreen of the car to assist handover: Family Signage Template

Family Signage

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