• TERM 1 (11 weeks)
    Tuesday 28 January
    Years 1 – 6 (both Campuses), 7, 11 & 12 new and returning students but only new Years 8 – 10 students commence
    Oakhurst Secondary commence 8:30am in Hall
    Oakhurst Primary commence 8:45am in Primary Courtyard
    Marsden Park Primary commence 8:45am in COLA

    Wednesday 29 January
    Years 8 – 10 returning students commence
    Pre‐Kindergarten and Kindergarten (both Campuses) commence
    Oakhurst Kindergarten commence 9:15am in Primary Courtyard
    Marsden Park Pre‐K & Kindergarten commence 9:15am in COLA

    Thursday 9 April
    Last day of Term 1

  • TERM 2 (10 weeks)
    Monday 27 April
    Students recommence

    Monday 8 June
    Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

    Friday 3 July
    Last day of Term 2

  • TERM 3 (9 weeks)
    Monday 27 July
    Students recommence

    Friday 25 September
    Last day of Term 3

  • TERM 4 (8 weeks)
    Monday 12 October
    Students recommence

    Monday 30 November
    Marsden Park Primary Presentation Night 6:30pm

    Wednesday 2 December
    Oakhurst Primary Presentation Night 6:30pm

    Thursday 3 December
    Oakhurst Secondary Presentation Night 7:00pm

    Thursday 3 December
    Last day of Term 4

The Timetabled School Hours

The Marsden Park Campus currently operates from 8:45am to 3:05pm. The Oakhurst Campus staggers the Primary and Secondary timetable for break times to optimise the use of the grounds:

  • 8.45 - 10.55am Class
  • 10.55 - 11.15am Recess
  • 11.15 - 1.15pm Class
  • 1.15 - 2.00pm Lunch
  • 2.00 - 3.20pm Class
  • 8.30 - 10.35am Class
  • 10.35 - 10.55am Recess
  • 10.55 - 12.41pm Class
  • 12.41 - 1.34pm Lunch
  • 1.34 - 3.20pm Class
  • NB. Secondary Sport means Tuesdays are slightly different ie. Recess at 10.16am and Lunch at 12.21pm.

The School's Office Hours

RJ is open 8am to 4pm to assist with enquiries during term time. Understandably teachers are not generally available for telephone calls during teaching hours and a message can be conveyed accordingly for a convenient reply later.

In the holiday periods, phone messages are regularly checked and the Office is occasionally staffed. Please contact the Office beforehand if you plan to visit our School in the holiday period so that we can ensure someone is available to serve you.

Please note that no student should remain at the School after 3:45pm unless supervised by their parent. Students should not arrive at the School before 8:00am when supervision becomes available. Primary students arriving at this time, should go to the Canteen area for direct supervision.