Camps & Trips

Our school camps, excursions, and special events provide RJ students with immersive, learning experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them. These adventures ignite curiosity and promote independence and personal growth.

Co-curricular activities inspire our students

Creating new experiences
beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom, our school camps, excursions and incursions provide students with opportunities for personal discovery and growth. Our activities play a valuable role in fostering self-confidence and resilience as students venture into new environments, tackle challenges, or simply enjoy a wonderful experience. These opportunities create lasting memories while building community and engagement among our students.


  • Year 4 - "Pyjamarama" - a fun overnight activity at school
  • Year 5 & 6 - "Recreational Camp" - usually two nights at Teen Ranch - Camp Photo Gallery
  • Year 7 Camp at Waterslea, Shoalhaven River
  • Year 8 Camp to Canberra
  • Year 9 Camp at Colo River (Duke of Edinburgh Award program included as an option)
  • Year 10 Urban Challenge Camp
  • Year 11 Study Camp at Stanwell Tops
  • Year 12 Retreat