Both our Campuses have the same Schedule of Fees and Charges and are reviewed annually.  


RJ Fees 2020 - Marsden Park RJ Fees 2020 - Marsden Park (1094 KB)

RJ Fees 2020 - Oakhurst RJ Fees 2020 - Oakhurst (1014 KB)


  • $1190 per Term for the two day Program (Mon & Tues or Wed & Thurs)
  • $1780 per Term for the three day Program (Mon, Tues & Fri or Wed, Thurs & Fri)
  • $2370 per Term for the four day Program (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)
  • $2960 per Term for the five day Program

Please note that due to the nature of the Pre-Kindergarten School Readiness Program, new enrolments are not accepted after the commencement of Term 3 as the class will be too far advanced.

Please note that RJ is not registered as an Approved Child Care organisation and no Child Care Rebate is available.

SIBLING DISCOUNTS (School fees only)

RJ is pleased to provide generous sibling discounts to families for School fees (not Service Charges). A 30% discount is provided for the 2nd student and 100% for the 3rd student and subsequent students. The Sibling Discounts are available across both Campuses. However, Sibling Discounts are not available on Pre-Kindergarten fees due to the different funding nature of these fees.

SERVICE CHARGES (per student)

The Service Charge is designed to make it easier for parents to manage many of the incidental costs incurred during the year e.g. textbooks, excursions and camps. The Service Charge does not cover special or optional programs such as band membership, instrument hire, representative sporting or cultural events, non-standard materials required for Years 9-12 practical courses and the private costs of Peripatetic Tutors for individual music lessons.

APPLICATION FEE - $50 (per student)

A non-refundable $50 Application Fee is payable when submitting your child's Application for Enrolment.

Application for Enrolment Application for Enrolment (637 KB)

Conditions of Enrolment Conditions of Enrolment (29 KB)

ENROLMENT ACCEPTANCE FEE - $500 (per family)

A non-refundable $500 Acceptance Fee is payable when an Enrolment Offer is made by RJ and accepted by your family accordingly. Our School is pleased to offer this Acceptance Fee as a "per family" cost, not "per child" as in most schools.


Families are encouraged to contribute $40 per Term towards the tax deductible Richard Johnson Anglican School Building Fund to assist in acquiring, constructing and maintaining School buildings.

Families are also encouraged to contribute $10 per Term to the tax deductible Richard Johnson Anglican School Library Fund to assist in expanding and updating the Library's resources.


Parents are to pay all fees and charges in advance, in the first week of each Term using BPay or through the Edumate parent portal (a 1% credit card fee is applicable). As an exception, cash or cheques may be received at Reception. Alternatively, families can enter into a formal Direct Debit Instalment Plan. This must be set up through the Edumate parent portal prior to the due date of the Term invoice and becomes a formal arrangement with The Anglican Schools Corporation.

Edumate Parent Portal Payment Information Edumate Parent Portal Payment Information (563 KB)


At least one full Term's notice in writing to the Principal is required when terminating a student's enrolment. Insufficient notice will result in a Term's fee being charged.