What is the age cut off for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten enrolments?

Students are expected to turn four before the end of May for Pre-Kindergarten and five before the end of May for Kindergarten. However as social awareness and emotional maturity varies significantly in these younger years, our School may use a brief assessment to help determine if your child is "ready" to start if they were born in the period from February through to May.


What if my child requires learning support?

RJ has an extensive Learning Support Team which works closely with the teachers to ensure that students are catered for effectively. At times, this may involve additional aide support or tailored learning programs.

Does RJ provide stationery and textbooks?

RJ provides stationery for Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 2. Other Year Groups will need to acquire their own stationery, a Stationery List will be provided.

Textbooks are covered in the Service Charge; these are provided for Primary students but loaned to Secondary students. Secondary students return the textbooks at year end. When this does not happen, or if a textbook has been damaged, a replacement charge is added to the family's fee account as a new textbook will be ordered by RJ accordingly. Lockers are provided to Secondary students.

Does RJ have any banned foods?

Yes, RJ bans peanuts, peanut butter, Nutella, peanut sauce, nut biscuits and fruit and nut mixes, as well as any other food product which contains peanuts. Products which have ‘traces of nut or peanuts’ are acceptable.

How do I organise a Lunch Order (Oakhurst Campus)?

RJ recommends families use MunchMonitor when ordering lunches. Simply click on the MunchMonitor quick-link, refer to the "Munchmonitor Instructions" and once you have setup your account, you can view the menu and place your child's order up to four weeks in advance.

Munch Monitor Instructions Munch Monitor Instructions (182 KB)

What happens on Sports Day?

In Primary, Years 3 to 6 typically have Sport on Fridays. Primary students can wear their Sports Uniform, including joggers, for the whole day. Where Sport is on another day (as directed by the class teacher), students wear School Uniform and bring joggers in their bag.

In Secondary, students wear their Sports Uniform on Tuesdays for the whole day, including joggers. For timetabled PE lessons on other days, the Sports Uniform is brought in their bag, including joggers.

Does RJ have a "no hat, no play"policy?

Yes, in Primary, hats are required when playing outside all year round. Secondary students are required to wear hats during Terms 1 and 4. It is optional for Secondary students to wear hats in Terms 2 and 3. Hats can be purchased from Lowes and Primary reception (Oakhurst) and reception (Marsden Park).

Does the School hold Student Accident Insurance?

Yes, our enrolled students (including Pre-Kindergarten) are covered by complimentary 24/7 Platinum Student Accident Insurance which provides financial benefits to students and their families in the event of accidental injury. Typically, medical expenses that do not fall under Medicare are likely to be covered. Please refer to the Accident Insurance Fact Sheet for more information.

RJ also carries Ambulance Insurance for enrolled students injured during a School activity.

What is the Edumate Parent Portal?

This portal allows parents to update their details, check their School fee account and make payments (including setting up a formal direct debit). It also allows parents to notify their child's absences and review any Tokens, Detentions, assignment and test results, Secondary assessments, etc. Parents are issued a username when their family is first enrolled and set up a password accordingly. Passwords can be reset by clicking on the "Can't Login" button on the Edumate portal which will cause a temporary password to be reissued via the personal email address listed on the system. Please ensure your email details are always correct. This portal is available on computers and tablets. Access using a mobile phone application is currently under development.

RJ strongly emphasises the importance of keeping contact details up to date, particularly mobile numbers. There have been times where a student has become unwell or injured and our School has not been able to contact parents as the number/s listed have been disconnected or unanswered.

Does RJ have any future building plans?

Our Oakhurst Campus is well established with modern and well maintained facilities. 

The Marsden Campus has commenced implementation of the current Master Plan, designed to accommodate a large Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 student body. A new Primary building containing six new classrooms will commence towards the end of 2020.

Master Plan - Marsden Park Master Plan - Marsden Park (836 KB)

Master Plan - Primary School Master Plan - Primary School (836 KB)

New Primary School building for 2021 construction New Primary School building for 2021 construction (836 KB)