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The issue of ‘where to enrol’ is one I have personally encountered and had to work through, together with my wife. It’s not easy. What do you look for? There will be no school which can provide everything perfectly. So what will be the priorities that you look for?

For my wife and I, the school culture was an important factor. We were looking for a school which not only espoused ‘caring for the individual’ but were able to deliver on this crucial aspect. There’s no doubt that a school influences a person’s values, self-esteem, confidence and abilities. A good school can enhance those aspects.

I believe that Richard Johnson Anglican School (RJ) takes seriously the responsibilities of caring for each individual student by providing positive learning experiences in a motivating and supportive environment. How is this achieved? Fundamentally, through effective teachers who have been selected for their genuine commitment, as professional educators and as Christians. They appreciate that their main aim is to invest time and energy in each student’s life.

Our School’s Mission Statement describes our intended purpose:

Richard Johnson Anglican School seeks to provide a dynamic, caring Christian educational community, founded on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to foster learning excellence.

RJ offers, I believe, a learning environment which develops in students a real sense of belonging and succeeding.

sure foundation of Christian beliefs and values

Families are desirous of consistency between the school and home. Parents are wanting their children to accept and internalise values which develop them into good citizens. RJ recognises the amazing contribution that God’s truth, as found in the Bible, can provide for guiding every aspect of living and it is also used as a resource across the curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore and give thoughtful consideration to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Our staff readily accept their responsibility to model such Christian values and principles, knowing this will be a huge influence on the lives of our young people.

care and support for each individual

RJ prides itself on a priority of nurturing each student. Our staff are dedicated to understanding each student’s needs. Teachers are very aware of the enormous impact encouragement and reinforcement can have on every student. The School’s relational approach is implemented by each member of staff. Many parents comment upon the School’s positive atmosphere, wherein the students feel understood and affirmed.

dynamic, student-oriented learning

Self-motivation and ongoing success are essential keys for each student’s learning progress. Purposeful management of a stimulating and differentiated learning environment is a prime objective for our teachers. With a School-wide emphasis on information-processing skills, technology is an integral part of daily activities and computer usage is integrated into the various subject areas. Modern, well-equipped classrooms, including very good access to computers and interactive whiteboards, as well as the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program for Secondary students, enhance the productive use of digital communication and resources.

high standards for behaviour and academic work

Respect for others and a healthy pride in one’s own efforts are core elements for RJ students functioning effectively and growing in self-discipline, both in relation to their personal conduct and their application towards learning tasks. A clearly communicated ‘Student Code of Conduct’ outlines relevant guidelines. Our School also has realistic expectations for a student’s application in classroom learning activities, as well as their completion of homework, assignments and study. Through positive partnerships involving staff, students and parents, the individual student’s wellbeing and the effectiveness of the learning programs are maximised.

modern facilities for contemporary education

Our Oakhurst Campus offers high quality facilities which cater for approximately 930 Primary and Secondary students. These air-conditioned, well-equipped spaces enhance the learning experience. Being in close proximity to local playing fields and other venues enables a rigorous and varied Sports Program.

Our Marsden Park Campus continues to build new air-conditioned classrooms and facilities as it follows an exciting Master Plan which will eventually cater for a Pre-K to Year 12 Campus of up to 1100 students. This expansive site contains a large sports field and hardcourts will be added in the future. Our overall vision is the practical integration of the two Campuses in order to maximise benefits via shared personnel, activities and usage.

purposeful interaction with parents

Parents choose to enrol their children at RJ because they care about their children’s future. Our School acknowledges parents as the ‘primary carers’ and we seek to complement the goals and aspirations they have for their children. The regular interaction between home and school is a critical factor in the growth and development of each student. There is a great sense of security for students when they see staff and parents working co-operatively together.

Paul Cockrem, Principal

RJ set the bar high. Every teacher encouraged our son to do his best. RJ provided a culture where he could explore, make mistakes and grow without fear. Mrs Vickie Robinson