Secondary Marsden Park

Student Support

Students have the right to be treated with respect, understanding and kindness in a safe educational environment. Similarly, all students have the responsibility to ensure the same is true for those with whom they interact.

An affirming culture

Ensuring students well-being
and their support of each other

RJ provides activities for students to develop their natural talents, discover new ones, and build their leadership capabilities. Our experience has been that whilst teachers provide important pastoral care and leadership opportunities, it is the RJ students themselves who contribute the crucial peer support for each other. RJ students might stumble when trying new things but our culture provides a safe place to "have a go", to "fall forward". We will work hard to create and maintain the enabling and affirming culture we enjoy in Secondary at our Oakhurst Campus at our Marsden Park.

RJ is also fortunate to have committed staff who can model Christian character, encourage positive relationships and ensure the well-being of students in their daily classroom and extra-curricular experiences.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Team will work alongside teaching staff to help ensure students are able to understand what they are learning and how to complete their work to the best of their abilities. They will provide:

  • In-class support
  • Support with assessments
  • Reading assessments
  • Independent Plans (IPs)
  • Independent Transition Plans (ITPs)
  • Disability Provisions
  • Learning Centre (B9 and Study@TheHub)

Secondary Pastoral Care Program

In Years 7 and 8 Home Groups (Stage 4) will be arranged in Houses and contain students from both Year Groups. In 2025, this will provide opportunities for the older Year 8 students to mentor their Year 7 peers as they adjust to Secondary life. Stage 5 Home Groups (Years 9 & 10) will be organised in a similar fashion, in Houses, as the Campus progresses.

In Years 11 and 12, Home Groups will contain students from all Houses.

In Secondary, life will involve exploring greater independence, so RJ will focus on growing the capacity of students to discover purpose and meaning in a supportive environment. This will be done through a Stage based Pastoral Care Program during Home Group sessions. As students progress through each Secondary Stage, they will encounter themes such as personal foundations, personal identify, friendship, making a difference, leadership through serving others, the challenges of social media and intellectual virtues.

Each of the Home Groups will provide an open environment where students will feel safe to be honest about who they are and what matters to them. The Home Group teacher will facilitate the Program and encourage student engagement, while developing a meaningful connection with the individual students. 

A School Counsellor will also be available to assist students where appropriate.

The educational standards and environment offered at RJ will enable my daughter to achieve her best . . .RJ offers so much and provides great support.
Mrs Midgley, Parent, 2020