Secondary Marsden Park


Whilst our new Secondary Section of the Marsden Park Campus will provide modern facilities, we are even more excited about building a community culture, growing learners, and connecting hearts.

Transitioning from Primary

a new adventure
for our emerging adolescents

We are excited about the commencement of Secondary at our Marsden Park Campus in 2024 with the launch of Year 7. The Campus will progress a Year Group each year thereafter. Whilst the new Year 7 cohort will enjoy a new building containing four classrooms, construction will continue as per the School's Master Plan: specialist classrooms, general classrooms, collaborative spaces, sports facilities, admin facilities, a canteen, a hall, and in time a Performing Arts Centre.

All Year 7 students will be welcomed into a nurturing environment that will assist them in successfully transitioning from Primary to the multi-faceted disciplines of Secondary education.

In this final part of the RJ journey, our students will be challenged and equipped to prepare for life beyond School as positive, respectful, and contributing members of society.

Our students will be inspired to think logically, creatively and innovatively within our dynamic educational environment. They will be encouraged to embrace the academic rigour required to achieve their best, through to the HSC.

Importantly, RJ’s professional and committed Christian teachers will be great role models for our maturing students as they journey to adulthood. Teachers will facilitate student success through an engaging curriculum, together with enrichment and extension activities, differentiated for individual learning abilities.

Extra-curricular, leadership and service opportunities will be available. Focussed welfare support will undergird the development of each student's wellbeing, understanding that they are unique individuals.

Our teaching programs will be written from a Christian perspective and will encourage the development of inquiring minds that are not afraid to ask questions and search for truth. Students will be asked to think deeply about their world and their place in it, and reflect on the different worldviews they will each bring to RJ.

As students consider their future in their senior years, our Careers Advisor will be able to provide thoughtful guidance, providing information regarding traineeships, apprenticeships, scholarship opportunities and university applications.

The best part of RJ was definitely the teachers, especially during the senior years. The teachers constantly went out of their way to ensure students could succeed through providing countless resources, tailoring their teaching styles to the needs of the class and through inspiring the class by being excellent role models.
Mr Hassan Shaikh (ATAR 99.95)