RJ staff are regularly trained and given opportunities to develop their skills in Information Technology. Our Secondary teachers are strongly encouraged to actively integrate technology where beneficial for the development of the students.

As part of this commitment to integrate technology with learning, Secondary students are required to "Bring Your Own Device" as part of the One to One Program. This Program is designed to support the learning of students and give them the opportunity to collaborate, communicate and research whilst in the classroom.

In particular, teachers use the tremendous capabilities of CANVAS and OneNote to creatively interact with students, set tasks, and observe the student's efforts and provide immediate feedback both during and upon completion of a task. For example, a teacher can set up a worksheet on OneNote but differentiate the worksheet according to each student’s ability. In this way, more able students may be given a more complex worksheet, whereas students who require further assistance may receive a more informative and supportive worksheet. The teacher then marks and comments on the student’s worksheet in real time which is recorded in the CANVAS mark sheet.

To further support the use of technology in each classroom, Smartboards are also available allowing further interactive activities to take place.

Parents will also enjoy having quicker access to their child's assessment and exam results as these are all entered into the Edumate Parent Portal.