Our Marsden Park Campus commenced in 2016 and currently offers the following classes: Pre-Kindergarten, two Kindergarten, two Year 1, one Year 2, one Years 3/4 and one Years 5/6. Each class has a dedicated teacher.

This Campus is expected to extend into Secondary by 2024 when our current Year 3 class progresses to Year 7 and the Campus will grow to approximately 1200 students in time.

School hours are currently: 8:45am to 3:10pm.

This Campus is overseen by our Founding Principal, Mr Paul Cockrem, and is led onsite by the very capable and experienced Head of Primary (MP)/Assistant Principal, Mrs Narelle Taylor. The Campus benefits from the School's leadership team and, together with the excellent Campus staff, will ensure your child is well cared for in a nurturing Christian environment.

Starting Primary is a wonderful and exciting part of the RJ journey. Our excellent staff will help your child to settle quickly into the RJ culture, so they can grow in confidence and begin to develop their life-long love for learning. This is all achieved in a happy and safe community, whilst making new friends and building their socialising skills.

Our students’ natural enthusiasm and curiosity is encouraged as they explore their talents, learn from their experiences and discover their potential.

We are particularly pleased that RJ provides an environment that has strong Biblical values and a focus on respect and care, which will complement our students upbringing at home, in these important foundational years.

We do really work on students belonging and succeeding at RJ. Children who have good relationships with the staff and with one another are in a good place to be able to learn. I love seeing them engaged in their learning at whatever level they are currently at. Mrs Narelle Taylor, Head of Primary (MP Campus)/Assistant Principal.

Primary classes welcome Volunteer involvement and many parents and grandparents take great delight in assisting Reading groups, excursions and other activities.

The Campus currently has nine classrooms, an extensive covered outdoor learning area, a wonderful playground and a large playing field. 

New Primary School building for 2021 construction New Primary School building for 2021 construction (836 KB)

 A copy of the current proposed Master Plan  is below and will provide you with a sense of the scale of the anticipated development of the 16 acres of land, noting it is still subject to change.

Master Plan - Marsden Park Master Plan - Marsden Park (836 KB)

NB. Students in Pre-Kindergarten do not have automatic entry into Kindergarten.