Whilst RJ actively encourages students to serve and lead others without the "title", there are some formal roles which directly benefit our community.

Primary Student Forum

The Forum is chosen early every year. Each class from Year 4 to 6 selects a Student Leader to represent them at the Primary Forum. The Forum meets weekly and is a great platform to share ideas with members reporting back to their classes accordingly. The Forum is led by the two Secondary Vice-Captains and the four Primary Captains/Vice-Captains.

Sometimes the Primary Student Forum and the Secondary Student Form meet together, when matters which affect the whole School are discussed, at other times the Forums meet separately to deal with matters pertaining to each of the Primary and Secondary sections.

Many matters are discussed and suggestions are regularly taken from the Forum meetings to the School Executive, who welcomes suggestions and reports back accordingly. Many helpful changes have come about because of the Forum.

These Student Leaders also attend various special leadership events. Year 6 Student Leaders assist in the playground and at Special Events.

Captaincy and House Leaders

During Term 3, Year 5 students participate in extensive leadership training to assist them in preparing for Year 6 leadership. These students can apply in Term 4 for the Primary Captaincy roles and are interviewed by members of the School Executive. The new Primary Captains and Vice Captains are announced during November. These students will present weekly Primary Assemblies and Special Events. Other Year 5 students can apply for House Leadership. During Presentation Night, three Leaders per House are announced along with the new House Captain.

General Award System

The School has a comprehensive Award System that runs across both Primary and Secondary. It culminates in a Principal Award and where this has been achieved four times, the student is awarded a School Plague on Presentation night and recorded on the Honours Board. Awards may be carried over from year to year.

The various components are as follows:

Tokens - Awarded in the classroom, playground or during a School activity for good conduct/behaviour. Each Token is worth one point in the House System.

Commendation - Awarded in the classroom (Secondary only) for subject achievement or improvement. Each Commendation is worth two points in the House System.

Service Credit - Awarded by the School Executive and Co-ordinators for a special contribution of time and effort to the life of the School. Each Service Credit is worth two points in the House System.

Special Award - Presented in the classroom when a student has accumulated ten Tokens.

Merit Certificate - Awarded at a weekly Assembly for significant academic achievement/ improvement or when a Secondary student has accumulated five Commendations. Each Merit Certificate for a Primary student is worth ten House points.

School Service - Awarded at an Assembly when a student has accumulated five Service Credits. Also, this Award can be presented at the discretion of the Principal.

Principal's Award - Presented at an Assembly when a student has accumulated twelve Special Awards or six Merit Certificates or three School Service Awards or a suitable combination of these categories, as determined by the Principal. Also, this Award can be presented at the discretion of the Principal and aside from eligibility via the other Award categories.

School Plaque - Awarded at Presentation Night to a student who has achieved four Principal’s Awards.