Since RJ's establishment in 1997, the School has been committed to sharing the Christian message to families in Western Sydney.

With professional and committed Christian staff and a prayerful attention to Christian Living (Primary), Biblical Studies (Secondary), as well as to aspects such as Chapel and Pastoral Care, RJ provides a nurturing environment for all students as they consider and develop their personal faith journey. Students may also choose to enjoy lunchtime Christian groups.

This Christian environment undergirds RJ's loving, accepting, and caring community which has a vibrant emphasis on learning about the wonder of God and His created world and on serving others.

RJ is thankful to the parent community and other supporters who regularly meet to pray for our School's Christian ministry.

Whilst RJ has a strong Christian culture, it welcomes families from other faiths or non-religious backgrounds. However, our School expects these families to be supportive and respectful of RJ's Christian ethos and the related School Policies and Procedures.

This is a place where we are lucky to have a culture that accepts you no matter what your religion. We have the opportunity to ask questions. We have the opportunity to explore who Jesus really is. Mr Dalyn Assur, 2016 School Vice Captain.