RJ recognises that all students have the right to be treated with respect, understanding and kindness in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Similarly, all students have the responsibility to ensure the same is true for those with whom they interact, by showing respect to our School's ethos, to staff, and to fellow students.

RJ is fortunate to have Christian staff who can model Christian character, encourage positive relationships and ensure the well-being of students in their daily classroom or extra-curricular experiences. Stage and/or Welfare Co-ordinators provide further support to the classroom teachers, as required, to ensure that all students' welfare needs are met. A School Counsellor is also available for supporting students.

In Primary, RJ cares for the students by encouraging them to follow the seemingly simple but important "Primary Code of Conduct":

  1. We follow directions.
  2. We do our best in all activities.
  3. We care for others and treat them politely.
  4. We are in the right place at the right time.
  5. We respect our property and other people's property.

Within each class, students work with their teachers to develop a small set of Class Rules to adhere to as a team. Teachers praise student efforts based on these rules and the Code of Conduct. Students can receive Tokens (as part of the House System), Merits and Special Awards for displaying positive behaviours. Negative behaviours are addressed in a respectful manner and help students to understand the need to make positive choices. All behaviour management aims to assist students to uphold the rights and responsibilities that promote good relationships and great learning environments.

The "You Can Do It!" Primary program develops the social and emotional capabilities of each student through addressing five foundational areas: confidence (academic and social), persistence, organisation, getting along and emotional resilience. This program is greatly supportive of student development in this increasingly important area.

In Secondary, life is understandably becoming a bit more complicated for our students, so RJ focuses on growing the capacity of students to lead more successful and meaningful lives through a staged based Pastoral Care Program. This takes place in home group meetings which present the ideal opportunity to explore and engage with the themes of the Program.

As students’ progress through each stage of Secondary, they explore themes such as personal foundations, personal identity, friendship, making a difference, leadership through serving others, the challenges of social media and intellectual virtues. Each of the home groups require an open environment where students feel safe to be honest about who they are and what matters to them. The Home Group Teacher facilitates the Program and encourages student engagement, while developing a meaningful connection with the individual students in their home group.

Every Teacher has the opportunity to recognise the individual achievements of students in all aspects of School life, through issuing tokens, commendations and service credits. When needed, students may be issued with consequences for negative behaviour with the aim of treating the students with respect, providing the opportunity for reflection, and goal setting in order to assist the student meet School expectations.

The overall aim of our Secondary Pastoral Care Program is to assist and equip each student as they grow and mature. Our committed staff strive to respond to individual student needs and situations. All students are encouraged to be active participants within the School and are well positioned to graduate as fine young men and women.