RJ's House culture is deeply embedded across the School.

The four houses: Isaiah's Eagles, Noah's Sharks, Daniel's Lions and David's Rams, compete for the annual title of overall House Champion. Students can gain points for their House in a number of ways and whilst the rivalry between the different Houses is passionate, it is always friendly and fair, as each student strives to do their best for their House.

Students and teachers alike share a high level of pride and loyalty for their respective Houses. Indeed, new families to the RJ community are always delighted when they first witness the genuine enthusiastic fervor expressed by each House at the School Presentation Nights.

House Meetings are held once or twice a Term and students have great fun being involved in activities together and preparing for major Carnivals. The three major Carnivals of Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics offer a variety of events for students. Primary and Secondary students attend these Carnivals together which further develops the RJ culture of belonging and succeeding.

Tokens and Commendations, which are earned by students trying hard and doing well, count towards the overall House Competition and this is one way in which every student in the School can contribute to their House. Most often, it is the House which is able to earn the most points for Tokens during the year, which wins the Overall Champions shield.

A weekly General Knowledge Quiz is held for all students from Years 3-12 and each correct answer counts towards the House Competition.

Inter-house soccer, basketball and netball competitions are also held during break times, which help to add a further dimension to the lively House spirit.

Students from Years 7-12 attend Home Groups in House-based groupings each day.

Over the years, Houses have worked together in supporting various charities and helping others less fortunate than themselves.