Students came dressed in fun and colourful pyjamas!

At 6pm on Friday the 16th of September, our Year 4 students and teachers arrived for the 2016 Pyjamarama, dressed in all sorts of colourful and creative pyjamas, slippers and gowns.

Mrs Rowling had a very bright Batman pyjama suit and there were a number of Minions in onesies as we met up in the Hall to begin. Mrs McCormick introduced our Year 8 leaders, resplendent in her Pacman slippers. Mr Cockrem then spoke to us about how special the event is. Pyjamarama is a chance to have fun together as a grade and to get an idea of what camps will be like in Year 5 and 6. It is a time when lots of happy RJ memories are made.
Mr Rowe and the Cru Blast team led us in some energetic games and super Science experiments as our wonderful team of parents cooked dinner for us. There were sausages galore followed by our own ice cream and lolly dessert creations.
After belongings were put into classroom cabins, we met up in the Library for the highly anticipated RJ fashion event - the Slipper Parade! Each group showed off their slippers with prizes given for the most creative, colourful and funky slippers as well as for the Best Slipper Models. Year 4 then made marshmallow and spaghetti towers in their cabin groups. Teachers were impressed by the excellent communication and teamwork.
Before bed we watched a movie until it was time for sleep. Bright and early in the morning we woke up, packed up and headed over to McDonalds for a yummy breakfast. At 8am it was time to go home after a fantastic Pyjamarama experience.
Many thanks to our wonderful Year 8 cabin leaders (Caitlin Boyley, Dominique Leuzzi, Emily De Cruz, Maitreyee Damle, Daniel Moreno, Lucas Wingfield, Gabriel Dela Cruz and Mark Paje), to Mr Rowe and the fabulous Cru Blast Team, and to the parents and teachers who made it such an enjoyable time.
Mrs Orr, Mrs Rowling, Mrs McCormick and Mr Reed
 Pyjamarama 2016 Teachers