Secondary students covered a range of topics, such as consumerism, poverty and technology.

The Secondary Public Speaking Showcase Evening was held on Monday 5 September 2016.

The evening featured 11 students from Stages 4 and 5. It also included a Monologue by Lydia Johnson (Year 12) and a special guest performances from the HSC Drama group with Lydia Johnson, Nikita Kumar, and Yasmyn Lolis. Two Year 10 students hosted the evening - Amber Nehal and Kavish Reddy.

Award Recipients

  • Bridie O'Kelly - Stage 4 Best Delivery Award and People's Choice Award
  • Elizabeth Fletcher - Stage 4 Best Content Award
  • Elizabeth Impson - Stage 5 Best Delivery Award and People's Choice Award
  • Tamsen Horsnell - Stage 5 Best Content Award. 

The judges for the evening were Mrs Jenny Clay, Head of Secondary and Mrs Chris McGreggor, a member of our School Council. Our students spoke with passion and conviction about a wide variety of social issues, and it was an inspiring evening to see our students showcasing their public speaking skills.

Annette Sicard
Secondary Teacher