Students participated in a range of teamwork activities.

Dancing, trust fall activities and trampolines - these were just a few of the great experiences Year 5 enjoyed while participating in Year 7's PE class.

At the start of the day 5J got to do their Learning Celebrations with Year 7. We did some dancing for a warm-up, then we went on a gym mat so that we wouldn’t get hurt when we did a balancing activity. I had a partner from Year 7! Afterwards 5J went into a long line to have a turn on a small trampoline! I was very nervous but my friends and I loved it. Ryshelle

I thought that the Learning Celebration games were really fun. It was really cool to see Year 7 dance! As everybody was dancing to the warm-up music, I thought to myself "what did I just walk into?" The yoga balances were really fun too. I loved jumping over the blocks from the trampoline and every time we made it over Miss Close added an extra block. I think that the Learning Celebration activities were AWESOME! Kianna


In our learning celebration we had fun dancing for a warm-up and we had a great time doing partner work with our friends. When we fell over in the partner work we laughed at ourselves. Afterwards we jumped on the trampoline and on to a big mat. We had a great time and cannot wait for next year! Madeline

When we went to the Hall, we saw Year 7 and Miss Close waiting for us. We went to the floor and sat down as Miss Close told us we were going to do a warm-up by dancing. Then we started do trust activities. We fell down sometimes but not all the time. We then started going on the trampoline. Our Learning Celebrations were amazing! Jack