1J were captivated by Year 7's acting and reading.

A morning full of vibrant costumes, props and enthusiastic acting - 7A English certainly put on an enjoyable performance for 1J!


Year 7 were asked to work in a small group and complete a script for a Nursery Rhyme. Baa Baa Black Sheep and Humpty Dumpty were class favourites. They rehearsed their plays, added props and costumes and presented these to 1J last Thursday 11 August. One student wrote his own story about the adventures of trains who refused to wear a snow plough and using a PowerPoint presentation, gave a dramatic reading of his story.


Both classes enjoyed this and completed their time together by reading. These are a few comments from some of the 7A students:

I felt excited and loved it when they laughed a lot. I enjoyed reading with them.

I felt like a person on the stage – a comedian. I enjoyed reading with the little kids.

I felt nervous that we were performing in front of them and I was also happy because we got to hang around with them as well. The best part was when I was reading with the Year 1J.

The best part was when we were actually doing the play.

I thought I was going to explode but when we actually did the play it felt like I could do anything. I thought I could actually act.

I felt nervous and happy at the same time. The best part was when we could talk to the Year 1J students and read them a book.