The genuine joy each child had for God was inspiring.

The children in the Watoto Choir are between the ages of 6-14 and are all orphans from Uganda.

The Watoto Choir visited RJ on Wednesday 15 June to perform for our Pre-Kindergarten and Primary students, as well as our Year 8 students.

These talented children now live in a Watoto village in homes where they are nurtured, looked after and taught about our great God. Their testimonies evoked a strong sense of faith and trust in Jesus and they celebrated their love for Him through engaging song and dance.

Our RJ students loved the vibrant outfits, beautiful voices and encouragement that Jesus is always there for us.

They were good because they were telling a story through their dancing.
I thought they were energetic and even though they had lost their parents they had a faith in God which was what made them happy.