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Visitors to the School and all enquiries are very much welcomed. The issue of "where to enrol" is one I have personally encountered and had to work through, together with my wife. It's not easy. What do you look for? There will be no school which can provide everything perfectly. So what will be the priorities?

For my wife and I, the school environment was an important factor. We were looking for a school which not only espoused "caring for the individual" but able to deliver on this crucial aspect. There's no doubt that a school influences a person's values, self-esteem, confidence and abilities. A good school can enhance those aspects.




Term 1 - 27 Jan - 2 April

Term 2 - 20 April - 26 June

Term 3 - 20 July - 18 Sept

Term 4 - 6 Oct - 3 Dec.

Click here for 2016 Term Dates


Over 900 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, growing to a maximum of approximately 980 by 2020. Excellent facilities (e.g. large multi-purpose Hall/Gym, modern specialist rooms for Science, Technical and Applied Studies, Music, Art etc.) may be accessed by RJ students attending Marsden Park Campus.



New Campus opening in 2016 for Pre-Kindergarten (i.e. one year before Kindergarten) and Kindergarten. Each year, it will expand, progressively catering for the rest of Primary and then into Secondary.

Find out more details about Marsden Park Campus here.


General Information Letter for 2015.
Click here for the general information letter for 2015.

Parents who are picking up Primary children only need to go to the Primary Turnaround situated outside the Church Hall.

Parents picking up Secondary children or a combination of Primary and Secondary children need to go to the Secondary Turnaround, which is situated near the School Hall.

The vehicle gate of the Secondary Turnaround is opened at 3.25pm. Arriving before that will mean queuing in Hyatts Road. Please arrive well after 3.25pm.

Early collection of students. A reminder that if a student is being collected prior to the end of the school day, parents should contact the School Office so that we can have your child/children waiting for you when you arrive. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.



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